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Daye Jack – Hello World


Review by Kartune

It took me some time to adjust to this record. Let me explain. You know when you’re listening to an artist and similarities to other artist start to blur your judgement. It’s almost so close, that that’s all you hear. I gave Hello World at least 6 tries before I accepted the resemblance as merely coincidence. I’ll talk more about it in the review.

Here we have a new up and comer who goes by the name of Daye Jack (Shouts out to Pigeons and Planes for the find). He’s based out of Atlanta, and apparently turned down a scholarship or some shit to do this music thing (That’s the ticket!) Now this tape is about 3 months old, but I want to showcase it ’cause I believe he’s a talented dude. The tape starts off with Daye making a phone call to “the world” and he gets no answer. Look the world doesn’t care about you, or me. The world’s too busy dealing with real shit like global warming, war, famine, pollution and resource depletion. If the world could talk he (Or she. Don’t be sexist.) would likely tell us all to go fuck ourselves. But I again digress (I have a short attention span).

After the world ignores him, the next track Hello World comes in. Here you have a very chill electronic R&B jam in the vein of Frank Ocean. This was my 2nd favorite track of the LP. The singing here fits the beat well, and when he switches to rapping, it helps showcase both sides of his talent. Throughout the song, he’s jumping state to state, and you can sense in his travels he’s tired of something (I know I’m super vague, right!).

“I was aiming to live, I was angry equipped”

The production here is great too, relying on pads and synths to lay down the foundation for most of the album. The next track Weeping Willow shows that anger perceived in the beginning which is funny cause it starts off with a tranquil soundscape.

“Big bad don’t try me, I’m a huffing, I’m a puffin, I’ma blow down your whole house”.

Damn man not my house! I just paid the mortgage on this shit. And after the world ignores him he gets super emo and already wants to die (You’re taking this way to literal Kartune). His rhyme scheme is so erratic and free flowing, sometimes words blend together in a mishmash of fantastic alliteration and multi-layered metaphors. It’s impressive. And the chorus is cool, choosing to spread his words apart as if he’s breathing them out.

But here’s where the comparisons may come in. Now let me say this is a personal gripe, ’cause other people may not hear it this way. The first person that comes to mind is Chance the Rapper. Why Chance you say? Chance has a very specific way of rhyming. He’s erratic, his flow has a signature pattern, and his singing is unique in how he makes his high pitch squeals sound raspy somehow (You don’t make sense man!). Look what I’m saying is, if you know Chance, chances are you’re going to draw comparisons (I see what you did there!). It’s like when someone does something first like travel to space and everyone fucking country wants to do it cause it’s a badass accomplishment.

If you can get past that you’re in for a cool project. Next song is Don Fed Up (Damn this dudes mad as fuck). Here you have an electronic dance instrumental backing Jack that will surely turn some venues and clubs inside out. And there’s a female porn star moaning sample mixed in thats pretty dope. (Fun Note: I was listening to this on my friends speakers and he thought I was jerking one out. If you’re mom’s around, you might want headphones). Daye goes in with such a growling flow, stretching in and out from normal to schizo. There are times where you think he’s about to run out of breath which gives the track (and others) an organic feel. I’ll include the interlude here as well. Daye’s still trying to call the world again. Here he pretty much continues to slap motherfuckers with his wordplay (Did this dude drop a Danny Phantom reference? Nice!).

P’s and Q’s is probably my least favorite song. The singing isn’t the best in my opinion which brings it down a bit since the singer, Brian, is the only one driving the chorus. The beat is also only ok, but it definitely can be a favorite for someone with the rhythm it carries. “Where do you see yourself in a year or two?” And as usual Daye goes in on this one so its a shame the chorus ruins this one for me. NEXT!

Enter My Mind delves into his subconscious as he deals with his loneliness and frustrations with the rough journey he’s had. For him, that’s the only peace he can obtain and its apparent as he says, “fuck this life cause this life fucked me”. This contains some very imaginative and descriptive rhyming here. He paints imagery in such a dense way, at times I must admit he loses me on lines. But that’s good because it has me going back to really break down what he’s truly trying to say. The beat here allows you to only focus on the lyrics, using minimalistic arrangements of pianos and drums.

And as the track ends, there comes a singing sample letting you know he has awaken from his subconscious.Then Daye raps about indulgence in drugs and sex to get through this “so so” world (at least near the end). The middle is filled with some dope lines that don’t have ties to each other, but work. And at the end he repeats Don’t Be Scared with ad-libs saying quietly in the background “I’m afraid” (PARADOX!)

Limousine is an acoustic hip hop track where he uses this vehicle for two metaphors at once. One to show that he wants to get out of the situation he’s in and the evils he sees around him “What I’ve seen my make me go go go crazy…hearts of no remorse” and he wants to reach the highest heights. But limos are also used for not only the famous and rich but also for funerals. And the 2nd verse makes it much more clearer death is in the air.  Anyway its a great way to capture the streets of Atlanta. It’s a very sad song. And the sadness continues both in the lyrics and the sample driven instrumental for Lonely Girl.

I don’t really need to explain this track, the title is enough to get the idea of what he’s talking about. This is one of his more simpler songs he has here. The verses make you feel like he’s talking to someone where specific (I’m sure if he was Drake he would name her flat out with no regrets).

The next track Son of Georgia is my favorite track for one simple reason. The song is split into and the second half holds a sample from this awesome progressive rock band called Aphrodite’s Child.

But let me say more on about this track. This is a love letter to his state in the same fashion Ray Charles gave love (which he references with his chorus). Death is still around, but at least there is hope here as he wonders how he will get out of his predicament. Instead of praying to god, he prays to Georgia because at least its more tangible. On the 2nd half (Damn World you are so unreliable when it comes to phone calls), he talks in the voice of the “gangster” character he will later develop on the album, and Georgia cries out “I can save you”. But can it really? Because in the end he’s not asking to be saved. He’s left to wonder aimlessly (or with aim cause he has a gun).

Traveling makes me feel really empty in a good way (more paradoxes). The chorus accentuates this feeling leaving more empty space then actual singing, only repeating “I am traveling” with a low ad-lib behind it stating, “running”. He paints the picture of a man just moving through life with no finish line at the end. A prideful kid who seems lost. And I can relate. At times I feel a similar way, and it opens Daye up even more than before.

And his journey continues on To Be a Gangsta. Except on this ride, he has a goal in mind. To make it, but on the first part of this track he molds a role model who will ruin the youth with his message, but then shows he wants to be at the top where he’s  reached his dream of making an success out of the music and finding a love for his life. The 2nd part affirms the bad model earlier, but this is obviously something he doesn’t want. He paints two sides. The first side is a nice man who just wants to live for the pleasures every man dreams of in a respectable manner. The love we all chase. Making a better life for yourself. And the other side is a man who want’s the same thing but in an incorrect fashion. Fucking bitches with no expectations of staying with her. Looking up to the wrong people to guide your life to decisions (Gangbanging as you might say. Damn I sound super lame). This song is the culmination of all his ideas presented and he ends up spelling out what he meant in his Outro to ensure you understand.

This is a very personal record by all accounts and a commentary on his surroundings. The concept here doesn’t falter. Starts off with hatred, but in the end you know he hasn’t really given up on life. If anything its helped him (and surely will help us) learn to find what we can to at least get us through this gift given. Not all the tracks hold up, but as a whole it works. If I had to grade it I’d give it a 7 chances out of 10. There is room for improvement, but I recommend you listen to it because this dude will be around for a while. And that’s a good thing. Get your download of Hello World – HERE.

Check out his newest single Save My Soul below:

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