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Starar – Unbelievable


Starar is brother and sister duo hailing from the UK with a sound that sounds all too familiar, yet quite unique. Their latest release, Unbelievable, sounds like it pulls inspiration from classic ’70s prog rock bands mixed with a little of Fleetwood Mac’s folky side. There’s also elements of minimal wave and lo-fi post rock heard in the DIY production. Starar may be missing that glossy studio polish, but they make up for it with plenty of charm.

Unbelievable is an overall dreamy song that swoons you along with its gradually building instrumental. Sure, some of the lyrics get lost within the soundscape, but isn’t that what fans of shoegaze and dream pop love? I can’t decipher 75% of M83’s lyrics, but I’ll listen to that all day long.

Starar has a sound that’s all their own, and I’m pretty hooked. The free download doesn’t hurt either.

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