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Wanderlust Playlist 8 – Top 20 of 2013

2013 was a year of many many many releases and, of course, it’s rather hard choosing the crème de la crème from so many, a task that often falls to us bloggers right in the very last month of every year. 2013 was also a year where, more than ever, we saw the proliferation of the EP, the single, and the maxi single. Many bands jumped on the wagon of modern trends to release bits of music a bit at a time, while others caked it on in traditional style full-length releases. The following list is my list of faves for the year 2013, regardless of the length of such releases – quality not quantity, you know?
1) My Bloody Valentine – m b v 
Label: m b v
Favorite track: In Another Way

2) Daughter – If You Leave 
Label: 4AD
Favorite track: Youth

3) David Sylvian ‎– Do You Know Me Now?
Label: SamadhiSound
Favorite track: Where’s Your Gravity

4) The Stargazer Lilies – We Are The Dreamers
Label: Graveface Records
Favorite track: We Are The Dreamers

5) No Joy – Wait To Pleasure 
Label: Mexican Summer
Favorite track: Hare Tarot Lies

6) Lights That Change – Rainbow Over Your Shoulder
Label: Ear To Ear Records
Favorite track: Toxic

7) Jane Woodman – Teenage Red

Label: Independent
Favorite track: Sooner Later

8) Drowner – You’re Beautiful, I Forgive You
Label: Saint Marie Records
Favorite track: Stay With Me

9) The Flaming Lips – The Terror
Labels: Warner Bros., Lovely Sorts of Death Records, Bella Union
Favorite track: Be Free, A Way

10) Ummagma – Rotation 
Label: Emerald & Doreen Recordings
Favorite tracks: Rotation

11) Robsongs – Chuva de Tijolos
Label: The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records
Favorite track: Chuva de Tijolos

12) Mogwai – Les Revenants
Label: Rock Action Records
Favorite track: Hungry Face

13) The Sorry Shop – Mnemonic Syncretism
Label: Independent
Favorite track: Star Rising

14) Sulk – Graceless 
Label: Deep Space Recordings, Perfect Sound Forever
Favorite track: Sleeping Beauty

15) Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day 
Label: Rhymes of An Hour
Favorite track: California

16) Bela Infanta – Às Vezes Os Pássaros Não Voam Pro Mesmo Lado No Inverno 
Label: The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records
Favorite track: O Deus Pagão

17) Presents For Sally – Anything Anymore
Label: Distant Noise Records
Favorite track: Anything Anymore

18) Dråpe – Canicular Days
Labels: Riot Factory, Sad Songs For Happy People
Favorite track: Memories

19) Panda Riot – Northern Automatic Music
Label: Saint Marie Records
Favorite track: Amanda In The Clouds

20) Winter – Summer Songs
Label: Independent
Favorite track: The View

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