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Wanderlust Playlist #4 – Suspended Animation

There are some songs that, when listening to them, the words or music (and sometimes both) give you a feeling like everything has been suspended in time, at least for the duration of that track. Here is a sampling of some sounds that will hopefully give you this very feeling:
Spotlight Kid – Budge Up

Sea Dweller – Flashes
Sounds of Sputnik – Astronomical Summer
The Rungs – Confluence of Anamolies

Plasticstatic – Anchors Two
Dead Leaf Echo – Dream of the Soft
Panda Riot – Golden Age
Broken Little Sister – Silence
Dead Mellotron – Oohahh
Joaquim Barato – Corazón de Conejita tràs el Atlantico
The Stargazer Lilies – Sunday is Monday at Midnight
Depression – Funeral Flowers


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