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Japan Soul – Plastic Utopia / Transparent

Japan Soul has been steadily working their way around the blog world over the last few months with a couple of expertly crafted singles. It leaves me wondering why I’m so late to hear this Brooklyn-based trio’s music. Better late than never. First, we have “Plastic Utopia”, a crisp, refreshing piece of tropical drenched indie pop. It’s smooth and chill, but there’s plenty of intriguing sounds layered throughout that assures this won’t just end up losing your attention and becoming background music. “Transparent” is a completely different sound. It’s impossible to ignore these Latin grooves, and I guarantee that they will have you up and moving. What makes this track especially interesting is that there are elements of funk and art rock. These guys somehow managed to take signature ’80s sounds and ramp them up so that they’re completely contemporary. I’m so excited to see what Japan Soul comes up with next.


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