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Prohaize – American Visa

American Visa is set to be the intro to Prohaize’s upcoming mixtape, African Born American Raised. Not only does it work as an excellent intro to a project, it’s an excellent introduction to the rapper that is Prohaize. The track starts off with a nice tribal instrumental where we are soon welcomed by a sultry flight attendant. Once we’ve gotten comfortable settled in our seats, Prohaize comes in and completely takes over and controls your ears for the duration of the track. He seriously demands your attention with his commanding cadence, instantly earning your respect thanks to sharp lyrics and creative metaphors. Also worth applauding, Prohaize produced American Visa himself. I love how the instrumental becomes more intense as the hunger for success heard Prohaize’s flow grows while the track progresses. Plus, you have to love that Tracy Chapman sample at the end.

Prohaize – American Visa (Produced By Prohaize) by Cobxii


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