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The Lower Class – Wingfield

It feels like I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. After months of hype, The Lower Class has finally released their album, Wingfield. First, The Sound in the Soul was release as a single back in March, and then followed up with The Proof a couple of months ago. The Lower Class’ producer, imaGenius, also released a beat tape, Garage Sale, in April to tease the sounds of Wingfield even more. It’s safe to say that I’ve built up a craving of what the outcome of Wingfield might sound like. Thankfully, a few days ago I was granted access to listen through The Lower Class’ phenomenal album. The trio of San Marcos, Texas didn’t hold anything back on Wingfield, and have come up with a go to work for any hip-hop head. imaGenius’ dusty vinyl, sample driven beats are the perfect backdrop for he, Kartune, and Pliny Science to lay down some of the best verses I’ve heard all year. I really couldn’t express my excitement enough for this album. I could go on all day breaking down everything heard on Wingfield, but I’d rather you just listen and experience it for yourself. Wingfield is free to download. You’d be crazy to pass up on this one!

– Matt

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