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Calfskin – Standing Eight

I could never get tired of hearing new synth pop and new wave bands. I also love that a lot of the contemporary synth bands are paying homage to the greats that paved the way in the ’80s, while keeping the style sounding fresh. Thanks to this connection between new and old, synth pop and new wave has almost become timeless. Old Pet Shop Boys and Devo albums sound as current as ever, and the new guys sound like they would easily fit within any ’80s movie soundtrack. Belgian act, Calfskin, is the latest I’ve heard making some phenomenal synth pop. Standing Eight is Calfskin’s latest EP and it consists of 5 excellent tracks that are all equally strong. There isn’t a single weak song in the lineup. Standing Eight is loaded with everything that makes up a great work of new wave: dark synths, ominous effects, and haunting vocals. If I didn’t know any better, I might mistake Calfskin as a side project of one of the guys in Depeche Mode. This stuff is on par with some of Depeche Mode’s best work, which is saying a lot because Black Celebration is one of my favorite albums. The only thing that sets Calfskin apart from those who ruled the ’80s is the modern recording polish, other than that Standing Eight is up there with the best of them. Throw this on the next time you’re cruising around the city late at night.

One Step Over by Calfskin

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