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Rebecca Brandt – Numbers & Shapes

It’s not every day that you come across an album quite like Numbers & Shapes. Rebecca Brandt is a classically trained musician, and a lover of a wide range of varying genres. Inspired by numbers, patterns, shapes, and contours, Rebecca has successfully composed these ideas by utilizing over 30 instruments throughout the 14 track span of Numbers & Shapes. The variety packed within the album is almost too hard for me to wrap my head around. The flow of the songs are arranged so well, I often found myself forgetting what a song sounded like in its beginning, because the pieces are continuously evolving throughout. Numbers & Shapes is a constant sequence of unpredictable and ever changing sounds, crafting a truly gorgeous work that ranges from light and upbeat to dark and mysterious, while covering every other emotion in between. You’ll hear mostly electro-acoustic, contemporary classical, and electronic styles used within Numbers & Shapes, along with influences of jazz, ambient, world rhythm, and post-rock throughout the listening experience. Rebecca Brandt has obviously poured her soul into this project, and it shows. This is definitely an album that you’ll find yourself returning to over and over again.

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