Thu 28 May
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News: Electro-Pop Duo KTJ & CARLY Go Big On Producer NATIIVE’S Potent New Single

Written by: Jen Dan

Electronic pop duo KTJ & Carly (who are sisters) have joined forces with producer/artist NATIIVE on his potent new single Holding On.

NATIIVE is a veteran songwriter and producer in the electronic/pop music field, with over 13 million streams to his name. NATIIVE’s music, including hit single Memories, have been featured on a multitude of curated Spotify-owned playlists.

NATIIVE has also worked with heavy-hitters like Ella Vos, Cailee Rae, and Alexander Oscar. Now he’s adding KTJ & Carly to the list.

KTJ & Carly have also been making themselves known with debut single On Your Mind and sold-out shows in Los Angeles. The sisters mix their pop instincts with soul and R&B elements for an interesting spin every time.

The compelling Holding On does just that to the listener, as the song slowly unfurls with deeply emotive vocals and crisp, flitting to floating sonics.

The heavy, measured beats contrast with dramatic vocals that move from velvety reflection to sharp cries. The track intensifies from calm to energetic and back again in heady loops of sound and alluring vocals.

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