Thu 28 May
The Record Stache


Written by: Jen Dan

Daniela Sarda and Rico Baumann have been operating under the TRUE moniker since 2014. The music they make is electro-pop, a very melodic, vocal-driven type of electronica that falls somewhere between the club-ready, mildly niche type of aesthetics and a modern mainstream sound. In other words, their songs are definitely radio-friendly, but still have a bit of an edge to them.

Their latest release, a second album titled Made of Glass, is their most ambitious work to date. In terms of writing, it’s clearly a record rooted in what is now known to be the golden musical era of the ‘90s – the R&B end of it – but carefully packaged and served up with a nice side of contemporary production techniques.

What makes this body of work such a huge leap for the duo is not the music alone, but the maturity of the content. The carefree abandon of their debut album Wrapped in Air has been fully supplanted by more serious concerns.

So, on Digital Love Daniela investigates what it means to use digital tools as communication interfaces between lovers. Are we having relationships with people or with machines? Made of Glass talks about extreme sensitivity and how it can stifle intimacy. Sometimes you just can’t let people in. Share is about long-term relationships and the struggle to not lose yourself in them. How much of yourself do you need to give to someone in order to be with them? The unbearable sense of loneliness, the type that occasionally cripples every single one of us and somehow defies all rationalization, gets addressed on The Night is Cold.

Both Rico and Daniela are upfront about the fact that these songs were written during a period of personal turmoil and served as a form therapy for the two of them. They describe the production as a collaborative and hands-on process where they would meet at the studio, sometimes for a few days at a time, and just bounce ideas off of each other.

It took a total of three years for the record to be finalized. In digital time this is the equivalent of eons, but hey, sometimes planets need time to move for something good to be born. And there’s no way to fast-forward through the pains of growth.

Made of Glass is out now via Mouthwatering Records.

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