Thu 28 May
The Record Stache

News: Norwegian Blues-Rock Band The Naveblues Drops A Swingin’ Track With A Relevant Storytelling Video

Written by: Jen Dan

Norwegian indie band The Naveblues incorporates soul and blues music into their rock-based sound. They recently dropped a relevant narrative video for their dynamic, blues-infused rock ‘n’ roll single The Pale Blue Dot.

The meaning behind the storytelling video springs from a historical space-fuelled event – the launch and journey of the Voyager 1 spacecraft with its Golden Record (a digital plan of where Earth is located in the universe). Voyager 1 snapped the first photograph of Earth from the vast distance of space. The far-away pic makes Earth appear like a pale blue dot in a sea of darkness.

From this famous image, the band imagined a new storyline; one where space aliens are trying to make contact with humans on Earth by sending back a message via the Golden Record that was aboard Voyager 1.

Amid the gritty, swingin’ sonics of The Pale Blue Dot, video-viewers watch an ordinary man finding the aliens’ Golden Record response. He then chases the trail to initiate contact with the aliens, scrambling over beautiful mountaintops and dashing past sparkling lakes.

The man holds up the disc to the vibrant blue sky and gets an uplifting response that is intended to show that all life is connected in the universe. On the song, the band members exclaim, “Take care of the pale blue dot / It’s the only one we’ve got.”

This is an important message, especially in this time of climate change deniers and industrial polluters. There’s only one Earth and we need to protect it so that we, and other animals (and everything living), can continue to exist.

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