Thu 28 May
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News: Music Duo Elio (AKA Harmless And Onsen) Drop A Delicately Drifting & Wistful Indie Pop Song

Written by: Jen Dan

Los Angeles-located duo Elio is the musical union of the artists Harmless and Onsen. They’re set to drop their debut EP soon and have recently released Empty Persuasions, the second single off their record.

The delicately drifting Empty Persuasions follows on the heels of love-struck lead track Babyfool. Slow beats and reflective synths diffusion flow through Empty Persuasions, while wistfully airy vocals and sparkling electro-notes float over the dreamy atmosphere.

The lyrics of Empty Persuasions are contemplative and bittersweet, and, in the words of the pair, are about, “…an unrequited love and… the futility of trying to change one’s heart.”

If the film Call Me By You Name springs to mind when hearing the act’s name, then you’d be spot-on in its origins. Harmless (otherwise known as Nacho Cano) and Onsen (AKA Drew Straus) are using the moniker Elio in part because phonetically it sounds like “El y Yo”, which translates in Spanish to the fitting “Him and I”, and also because the movie’s themes are close to their hearts.

Check out Elio’s first single “Babyfool”:

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