Wed 15 Jul
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Renowned poet turned art-pop/space-rock artist Azalia Snail salutes the dearly departed with I am the Night Sky, a tender and loving elegy from her latest album Neon Resistance.

As Azalia explains, the meaningful lyrics are about, “…the idea that one can look up at the sky and think of a star as the forever embodiment of someone who one truly misses.”

I am the Night Sky
If you’re the star, I’m the night sky
I will uncover you, and let you shine
I’ll protect you from the unkind
I will uncover you, and let you shine
When they say don’t, I’ll always do
I’ll be the first one and the last one too
I will be your sky in dark and light
You’ll be my wind with all your might
I’ll wrap up stars and set them bright
And you will shine in the sky at night
Don’t wanna hear of your last goodbye
It’s a ripoff that our lives just die
Don’t wanna hear of your last goodbye
It’s a ripoff that our lives just die
Such a shame we have a limited stay
A lift off to space, forever and away
So you’ll be the star of my night sky
Uncovered, brightest, never to die
You are the star in my night sky
You are the star of my night sky.

Winner of a LA Weekly Music Award, Neon Resistance was one of the best reviewed albums of 2018.

“Azalia Snail likes to build walls — not of wood or brick or barbed wire, but of sound. And these walls are not thick or foreboding; they’re made from the loveliest layers of audio through which her voice pierces like sunshine through eyelet curtains. Her latest album, “Neon Resistance,” contains a clutch of poppy tunes that’ll stick to your brain long after the listening.”  

“a lush magic carpet ride to impossible heights; whatever accomplishment she’s exhorting her titular subject to achieve is a mystery, but there’s no law mandating that anyone comprehends everything, right? Maybe it’s enough to believe these words and that voice are aimed at us, and that we’re more than capable of actualizing our own far-flung dreams.”

“…beams with joyousness and youthful vigour. Snail deserves the national underground stage.”

Written by: Jen Dan

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