Wed 15 Jul
The Record Stache

Song Premiere: Electronic Artist Phantoms Vs. Fire Drops a Dreamworld Single About Our Natural Habitat

Brazilian multi-instrumental musician Thiago C. Desant records under the name Phantoms vs Fire, and like the moniker implies, spectral synths, smoky undertones, and different dreamworlds (that actually represent our world) materialize through his music.

Desant’s new album WLDLFE is set to arrive on March 1st via Blackjack Illuminist Records.

The Record Stache is pleased to host the premiere of the fantastic electronic track Ghost Fauna, a crystalline and noir number that is both lightly whimsical and forebodingly shadowy.

The overarching theme of Ghost Fauna and the album itself is the current state of our natural environment and its continuing destruction at our very own hands.

The beauty of the fauna in the wilderness is captured in the bright fast-tempo notes and also the sedate rhythmic pace at the start of Ghost Fauna, but the track then progresses to include a burgeoning mood of restlessness with a darkly buzzing electronic grind and the thrill of anxious strings that simulate humans’ encroachment upon natural and essential habitats.

Written by: Jen Dan

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