Thu 28 May
The Record Stache

News: Writer Mike D’s Top Recommendations of 2018

2018 was a great year in alternative music. Many new names offered their groundbreaking debuts and many acknowledged artists released some really outstanding musings too. I have gathered here some of the most intriguing sounds of the year by artists who pushed it a step beyond, so press play with my best wishes for a Happy New Year to all!!!

HOLYGRAM published their long-awaited debut Modern Cults LP, a record which hides 11 post-punk gems, literally!!!

Whispering Sons, in turn, offered their brilliant debut Images LP and it is of the same quality as Holygram’s album!!!

ACTORS also released their astonishing debut It Will Come To You LP!!!

These three bands, Holygram, Whispering Sons, ACTORS are all shaping modern post-punk and if all goes well we are talking about the hottest names of the next decade.

Dead Can Dance returned with the striking new Dionysus album. Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry are still educating us in music!!!

Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50 Foot Wave) released her new solo Possible Dust Clouds LP. Always alternative, always a serious musician who has offered monumental albums in the past, and still does!!!

A collector’s item here: Thurston Moore w/ Tom Surgal. KlangfarbenmelodieAnd The Colorist Strikes Primitiv record was Originally released in 1995 on CD only in New Zealand, and in 2018 Glass Modern Records published it on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl. It is all experimental music of high value and for trained ears!!!

GOLD ZEBRA with Leaving The City single. The disco-noir/ synthpop/ new wave duo rediscovered that song which was initially meant to appear on their first album seven years ago, and lately, they decided to complete it and publish it as a single. And what a single is that!!!

KLAMMER released You Have Been Processed LP. British post-punk in all by a band which knows the secrets of the genre like a few!!!

Indie explorers Darto released Fundamental Slime EP where they continued to broaden the scope of instrumentation. True, and a fantastic little record!!!

The cold/ synthwave moniker LUMINANCE let out a striking single last June. Martyr (version longue) is a synthesized trip!!!

Co-founder of the legendary The Damned, Mr. Rat Scabbies released his solo P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt) LP. Punks-not-dead!!!

Gothics VV & The Void released The Upper Room LP,  a must-listen and watch!!!

Pussyfoot Records released the excellent “Space Is The Plaice” compilation which includes Hands by Ofeliadorme!!!

Chapter Spiritualized: Glass Redux Records re-issued on vinyl the Fucked Up Inside LP, the first official live release of the legendary space rockers. A collector’s item. Later on in the year, the band released their new And Nothing Hurt LP, and I recommend both records!!!

Ty Segall released the Fanny Dog (Royal) mini album on vinyl to benefit animal rescue organizations. A nice gesture and a really cool garage punk/ rock tune!!!

Beauty In Chaos released the Finding Beauty In Chaos LP which includes numerous collaborations inside. Storm features Ashton Nyte from the alternative rock gothics The Awakening!!!

Push Button Press released the Spectacle 1 LP. Cold Wave with an attitude by Jim & Jet from Florida, and here is Night Out!!!

Jason Wagers aka Nova Flares released this year his debut S/T EP. Instrumental surfgaze and neo-psychedelia all over by a very serious guitar player!!!

A Tribute To Hekate LP by Bewitched As Dark. Darkwave and synthesized stories by an original talent with a character in all!!!

Kriistal Ann released her most diverse album so far, Touched On The Raw LP. An astonishing singer with classical studies who plays with synthesizers and other paraphernalia to express her musical universe, a glorious record!!!

Few other names to honor on this list: Evan Jewett, Nicholas Merz, Polly Panic, Marva Von Theo, Protomartyr

A Happy New Year to all!!!

Written by Mike D.