Sat 24 Aug
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Today we have the pleasure of presenting you the newest video from a post-punk band who have re-surfaced after over three decades. Having played live shows over the past few years, the revival of Finland’s Musta Paraati has pinnacled with the release of their new ‘Black Parade’ album via LA-based Cleopatra Records, which releases today.

IDirected by Jarkko Tiitinen, a dear old friend of the band, and edited by Joel Korhonen, the new video for ‘Nacht Der Untoten’ is dark and intriguing. This is a great kickback to thoughtful film imagery such as that presented in the film ‘The Crow’ and, going way back, even Ingmar Bergman’s ‘The Seventh Seal’.

It’s been 34 years since their 1984 ‘Käärmeet’. The year before that, they issued their debut LP ‘Peilitalossa’. Cleopatra Records also recently released a 23-track deluxe reissue of ‘Peilitalossa’ on CD & digitally, also featuring bonus material from their sophomore album.

The new album features 11 tracks in English. The band’s first English-language release has been met with great press attention and radio play worldwide, so it seems their time has finally come. Musta Paraati’s new album, on the whole, is ripe and intricately laced with dark goodness. This is a unique modern Fenno-Scandian take on post-punk from those who pioneered this movement so many years ago.

Highly regarded as Finland’s premiere post-punk / goth rockers, Musta Paraati was making music before their countrymen Russian Love, Two Witches, and The 69 Eyes. With their own unique sound that is upbeat and with an old school punk attitude, their music gained them cult status in their native Finland, their albums being considered prized contributions to record collections, and also led to touring with other cult bands like Lords of the New Church and Hanoi Rocks.

Jyrki ’69’ Linnankivi from The 69 Eyes joined Musta Paraati members Sakari ‘Saku’ Paasiniemi (guitar), Pasi ‘Panda’ Nikander(bass), Yrjö ‘Ykä’ Knuuttila (drums) on this album. The band’s original vocalist Jore Vastelin passed away in 1993.

Photo by Stefan Bremer

‘Saku’ Paasiniemi shared the following with us: “It was one rainy Sunday when we shot the video and the original plan was that the whole band would march in different locations in Helsinki – mostly those places where the tourists go. But soon it turned out that Jyrki’s presence was so strong that he became a modern day Bela Lugosi, who takes a journey through the most iconic places in Helsinki, like the Suomenlinna/Sea Fortress, the Tuomiokirkko/Helsinki Cathedral, and the Hietaniemen Hautausmaa/Hietaniemi Cemetery in the Night of the Living Dead (the literal translation is Nacht Der Untoten).

The song is kind a salute to old horror movies. When I wrote it, I was thinking about that because people always say that we are some kinda goth band. So why not make a goth song with real dance vibes? It turned out even better when Jyrki asked me if it’s OK if the chorus line would be in German language – and there was it Nacht Der Untoten”.

‘Black Parade’ is now available from online stores and streaming platforms, such as Spotify. It can already be pre-ordered digitally via Bandcamp and on both CD and vinyl via Cleopatra Records. This Musta Paraati vinyl is a limited edition purple vinyl pressing. This album will be supported with a full-scale international tour starting in November.

Check out their previous video for ‘The Leader’, filmed in Los Angeles under the supervision of Industrialism Films’ Vicente Cordero. Once again, here Jyrki 69 never fails to impress.

Enjoy their full album, which premiered via Louder Than War:

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