Tue 21 May
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After a hiatus for almost 18 years one of the most promising post-punk acts of their days, the Minneapolis post-punk trio Autumn re-charged their engines and Sett Records was there to release their brand new material. Chandelier LP came out earlier in spring with 14 brand new, fresh, and imposing songs in the band’s style and their admitted quality. A quite ambitious release, 14 tracks in one album is not the most usual process for a band to promote its music. In the times of 10 to 12 tracks most per album, Autumn feel renewed and very confident with their music and they released a replete record full of post-punk grandiose in their honest gothic entwine.

The Fall single preceded the LP as an appetizer of a larger artistic feast. It is one of these songs which is performed by a band with a notable past and by 3 dedicated musicians who serve the musings they adore the most. The whole song is written on a very catchy and imposing guitar riff and it is navigated by the singer’s warm voice who almost steals the impressions. I said ‘almost’ because all three of them, Julie Plante on vocals, Neil McKay on the guitars, and Jeff Leyda on bass, sound like a strong company of friends who write and play music by their own artistic codex.

The band is skilled, and their performance is solid. Put in William Faith’s production and there you have a record of top-quality. William Faith (Faith and the Muse, Christian Death, The March Violets, The Bellwether Syndicate) first worked with Autumn in their debut album back in 2001. Time, and perhaps fortune, brought them back to the source, each looking to express that nameless feeling that drew them together so many years previous. They brought the team back in the studio and the outcome is a series of shinning songs, in a glorious release.

The Fall single also includes Before and After, a more lyrical song but in the streams of a wider, still gothic approach, and the stunning The Fall (Broken RmX by William Faith). Here Mr.Faith took the song and expanded it onto an anthemic EBM oriented rocket for the dancefloors, un-believable remix indeed! These two songs are not included in Chandelier LP and you may listen only in this single, 15 tracks in total by Autumn in the studio plus a remix which will blow you away. A very busy period for them, and if you also think that they toured in the summer and that they plan to give a series of shows in the near future, the result is obvious, Autumn is back for good!

Written by Mike D.

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