Sat 23 Feb
The Record Stache

LOOMER is the new LP by Los Angeles’ own edgy post-punks magnificent ECHOLUST band out on June 29 and self-released, yeah! The band started in 2016 with the glorious Veldisa single which was included in their first S/T album that really, really shook Europe’s dedicated radios and music websites along to the genre’s fans who started talking ’bout that three-piece joint from Long Beach, and they were just, and fair.

ECHOLUST is a post-punk moniker which never hesitates to blend their stuff with occasional shoegaze drifts and new-wave likes on an always open mind toward modernities, to their post-punk base. No low-key vocals and no low-key Peter Hook alike basslines (that we adore like the air we breathe) in their musings. Musings yeah, complete rock songs that may take you from The Cure to Ian McCulloch’s tastes and furthermore to the celebrated batcave deathrock haze of L.A.s Olympic medals. Loomer is an 8-track sonic canvas out of the band’s grooves and likes, but here is their prototype; post-punk music with fat basses, clinic snares, a guitar which doesn’t weep guilty but plays like a narrator to the arrangements onto a drummer who slams it  and two beings on vocals that simply rip the facts (the facts!) as determined leaders, accompanied by the her character vocals miss Krissy Vandeswoude in a couple of songs like in my crash SuperPosition, a gorgeous batcave tune.

The lead single is supposed to be the opener The Last Tide an anthem which is not the “narrator ” of the LP, but the leading single which includes all ECHOLIUST’s motion in 4:25 where they play-say-hello, weeer’re Echolust”. My extravaganza hit-in-the face is actually  Because , because it spun me and twisted me like that damn and beloved deathrock tubular “curse” which hides and holds all these decadent delights of love-not-hate issues and facts-facts that are emotions. Marvelous and a striking sire on Barons In The Skies, and a bit of true shoegaze craft in Sabi Said, and if I continued trying to “explain” and “picture” Echolust’s crafts and talents I would be boring as all music journalists maybe…don’t really believe us, we are the same “freaks” like you who buy records and “have aaaaaaaa-strongeeee-ideaaaa”, man!

This is ECHOLUST and their LOOMER L.P., come on!!! A Magnificence!!! And I’ll put my last note here for our guys; Loomer is the best work that our dudes here have ever worked on, an LP that literally blew me off with its value and quality, and a record which restarts the band on that “weird” indeed Los Angelians…here!!!