Tue 19 Mar
The Record Stache

Introducing DEAF from Wellington, NZ, a brand new post-punk to new wave outfit which I discovered last May with their debut single Truancy that really blinked its eye on me. I kept the name, saved their links and waited for something new in time to mention their name in the media and to give them the airplay they honestly deserve on the radio. I didn’t wait for long, the band released their already second single Shards on July 19 and it’s one more astonishing new wavey post-punk song in the likes of the mid 80’s grey colors and the alternative rock heritage of the western 90’s.

DEAF is a solid and confident band and that’s obvious in the only first listening, they know how to navigate their music in the greyish streams of the musings they adore and trust me, the serve their likes with remarkable consistency which they easily blend with their unique talent in writing and arranging brand new and fresh, shinning sonic bullets. Among their advantages are the singer’s catchy voice and the way he sings his lyrics! And oh my, I am so pleased and happy that he stays out of that most boring and often annoying current trend of the genre’s singers who artificially try to reach the styles of early Gahan and Ian Curtis too. Luke Kavanagh of DEAF doesn’t bite that piece, he just trusts his voice and that’s all, and he has a very good voice. The other members of DEAF? They perform like a band which holds some more than 5 records in their quiver, very confident, very groovy, very nice in all, and mention that our friends from NZ are a newborn band that is presenting their only second single so far. I forsee glories and victories for them…

Written by: Mike D

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