Tue 19 Mar
The Record Stache

Vibrant and dynamic Los Angeles-based band Squid Cult are masters of music genre hybridization. They’re set to showcase their sonic prowess on upcoming album All Boys Leave Home Someday, out August 3rd via Septarian Records.

Ahead of the album release comes the potent Rattlesnake in song and video form. Daniel Talton (guitar, vocals), Karter Mycroft (bass, keys), Csongor Erdélyi (lead guitar), and Max Pretzer (drums, vocals) have carved out a singular sound that leaves no ‘rolling stone’ unturned. The rock, punk, psychedelic, blues, country, and jazz genres are all robustly represented on All Boys Leave Home Someday.

Rattlesnake is a wild fusion of rock, alt-country, and blues where it’s difficult to tell where one style begins and the other ends; it’s all mixed into an exciting aural experience.  The track strongly shakes it up with emphatic drum punches, ever-shifting rhythms, sharp jabs of guitar, and exclaimed sing-talking vocals. 

About the video, the band comment, “We had a big, elaborate vision for this video. And then everything fell through. We had exactly one day to put something together, so we rented a 1974 Volkswagen The Thing, asked our friends to star, and ran out to Joshua Tree. The resulting romp through human sacrifice, slime, and shaving cream was completely improvised in 20 degree weather. Along the way we ran out of gas in the middle of the desert, lost a wallet, and probably all caught colds. But the resulting video is something we are all extremely proud of.”

Written by: Jen Dan

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