Tue 21 May
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Santa Cruz’ synthetic new wave/post-punks Vandal Moon cast their new powerful Wild Insane album on April 20 via Starfield Music and it rocks! The band quotes “Vandal Moon is inspired by the darker acts of the post-punk & darkwave scene of the early 80’s“, and I may add that they also put some glorious synthpop elements in, and they perform it all excellent as they are luckily not another music act who cannot rive off from the low-key trend that many new bands are alike. They also are not another retro-cult artists who even though they have good ideas they fall willingly into the web and filtering it all by the likes of the titanic bands of the early-mid 80’s. Vandal Moon writes prototype, electrified and modern new wave songs while showing a great comfort in their performance and arrangements that they work on with an obvious sense of metering the groove, and their emotions too. All 8 songs are very carefully built to entertain the followers in these dedicated genres and offer a gorgeous album with anthemic songs to remember and to dance to. This electronic post-punk album actually and honestly plays on the darker undertones of the early 80’s synth movement with pop hook sensibilities, emotive vocals, and themes of gothic alienation, we talk large synths all over by Blake Voss and Jeremy Einsiedler (the band’s duo), angular basses and sharp drum machines which all nail the listener with their sound quality. As for their talent in composing…try Computer Love, one of the album’s leading tracks!

This album is dedicated to all the traumatized citizens of 21st-century Earth-We love you, I read on the inlay while frontman Blake Voss quotes “I cover a lot of themes of alienation and dystopia on the record,  we’re living through a dystopia right now…I’m victim to our brave new world, and it came through on this record very naturally“. A thinking darkwavers thoughts and darkwave original is another fantastic song from the LP, Crying On The Dancefloor. You’ll also enjoy featured contributions from new romantic legend Logan Sky (Visage, Boy George), emerging synth-pop duo Vverevvolf and vocalist Nicollette Vaughn (a.k.a. Nico), with guidance by electronic artist-producer Emika. The album was produced and mixed by Shawn Ward (FM Attack, owner of Starfield Music) who also made a stunning remix of Baby Sounds, and mastered by Peter Maher (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, U2, Patti Smith, The Killers, Noel Gallagher). Now you know how and why that record was all made with great care and the goodwill to offer something of a high quality in all, respect! So, here it is my friends, the whole new LP by Vandal Moon!

Written by Mike D.

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