Wed 13 Nov
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Today is the day that the new single ‘Krokodil Tears’ from Kentucky-based Nova Flares shall releases. On this occasion, we are pleased to present you the new video for that track.

This song is as close as one can get to the surfgaze dreamery Quentin Tarantino or David Lynch should be including in their respective movie soundtracks. There’s a bit of Chris Isaak here, a bit of 90s shoegazers Andalusia, jangle pop, and even a sound fitting for any spaghetti Western film. This is harmonious, clever and addictive music.

Nova Flares is the solo project of Jason Wagers, whose music as a solo artist cleverly combines shoegaze with neo-psychedelic and surf rock. The result is mighty fine bedroom jangly surf pop packed with flowing dreamy harmony and charming, lo-fi goodness. This hypnotic guitar shimmer packs the magic punch intended.

‘Krokodil Tears’ tis the second single off Nova Flares’ forthcoming self-titled debut EP, expected for release in mid-2018. This single follows in the tracks of the solid and beautiful surf-gaze single ‘Gut Splinter’

Now let’s give credit where credit is due for this new video:

Director & Editor – Hunter Saylor
Eric Yaets – Producer
Jason Wagers – Exec. Producer / Co-Director

“Slow-Building. Explosive. Passionate. I imagined beautiful explosions in the sky when i was making this song…. & maybe methodical love making at some point. I wanted a gut feeling of satisfaction at the end, so that’s what I aimed for,” says Jason Wagers.

“This song, along with every track being released on the coming EP, are meant to be strictly musical however, I intentionally made these tracks very spacious and vibey so that the listener could attach whatever memory or emotion that they get while listening to a song. This should be a more personal experience. To me, that means that to every different listener, it’s a completely different song, and I like that idea. Similar to the idea of a “nova flare”, this ends up being a memory of giant reaction.”

Jason Wagers has dubbed his sound “surfgaze”, the style borrowing gazey elements that can be traced back to My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Beach Fossils and The Jesus and Mary Chain, while also being influenced by surf and beach-goth-psych bands like The Growlers, La LuzThe Warlocks and the Allah-Las

The bright, reactive sound of this music inspired the project’s name ‘Nova Flares’. A nova is an astronomical event causing the sudden appearance of a bright, apparently ‘new’ star that slowly fades from view. This involves an interaction between two stars and cause a flare up, which is perceived as a new entity that is much brighter than the stars involved. Ironically, this new project was also born from the destruction of his former project The Corridors.

“The songs I create through Nova Flares are supposed to be very cinematic and capture memories and feelings from situations I’d experienced in my childhood and adult life, but these songs are also meant to be left open ended so that the listener could have their own personal sensory experience as well,” says Jason Wagers.

Playing in bands and writing music since he was 14, Wagers eventually learned enough in the music sphere to start producing his own records, appreciative of the freedom and ability to record his own songs and release his own records. Growing beyond guitar to also bass guitar, drums and piano and also dabbling with vocals over the years. His Nova Flares project provided the perfect opportunity to develop his skills even further.

While ‘Krokodil Tears’ releases May 4 via online stores and streaming platforms, this and previous single ‘Gut Splinter’ are already available via Nova Flares’ own Bandcamp. The release of Nova Flares’ eponymous EP shall follow in June.

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