Thu 21 Mar
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It’s not every day that we are venturing as far south as New Zealand, but today gives us the perfect occasion to do so. Today we present you the new three-track single from alternative rock outfit System Corporation. This is essentially their sophomore offering since they came out with their stellar single ‘Dismal Universal Hiss’ in 2017.

The music is tight, impeccably performed and located with drive. The vocals metaphorically speak of a wounded system with a feeble complacent electorate.

Their new single ‘Apathy is Easy’ gives us a taste of what is to come on their anticipated debut album ‘Fiction Dept.’, expected in late 2017. System Corporation are Scott Newth, Kent Newth, Ben Cole, Phil Somervell and Andrew Newth. Both Phil Somervell and Scott Newth are involved with another N.Z. band that is already a household name in that country – The Datsuns.

Aptly named, the new single was inspired by poor voter turnouts at elections around the globe. “This touches on how political leaders try to sway you one way or another.  But the idea that Apathy Is Easy stems from the growing number of people who don’t vote, as they don’t feel they can make a difference, or none of the leaders speak to them or for them, or they just don’t understand politics and so do not participate,” says Scott Newth.  

“The chorus “Apathy is easy, Our numbers are growing, All we have to do is sit and wait” sums up the futility of the situation.  That the apathetic have the numbers to make a change, but just don’t due to their own apathy. It’s a catch 22.” 

The new single is accompanied by a radio edit and the Apathetic Remix by Southern Tribe, the solo project of Andrew Newth dedicated to sonic explorations of atmospheric downbeat and ambient territory.

 photo credit Mark Hamilton

While the band is influenced by Sonic Youth, The Clash, The Rolling Stones, John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees), Ty Segall, The Stone Roses, and New Zealand’s The Subliminals, band member Phil Somervell points to yet another influence that gave the band impetus.

“The original idea was inspired from a complete obsession with the band Pond from Perth. The way they can start a song somewhere; start a groove or a melody, and have it turn you around; twist your neck muscles toward the speakers where the sound is coming from and then finish it up somewhere completely unexpected, taking you along for a ride. I started writing and recording a lot of music with the idea that there could be songs within songs, that you’d have to listen a bit to get to the good stuff, or that maybe different ideas could merge together and be seamless with each other no matter what or how weird the transition.”

The name System Corporation is a translation of Systembolaget, a state-owned liquor store chain in Sweden. The band were inspired by the fact that, through Systembolaget, the government is able to effectively control alcohol sales and identify problem areas in order to divert profits back into social services. System Corporation is an ironically corporate name for an organization promoting a very socialist ethos.  It is no coincidence that the band should adopt a Swedish name for themselves – Phil Somervell and Scott Newth concocted the idea in Stockholm while touring globally with The Datsuns.

‘Apathy is Easy’ is available via online music stores and streaming platforms as of today, but also through System Corporation’s Bandcamp.


1 System Corporation – Apathy Is Easy
2 System Corporation – Apathy Is Easy (Radio Edit)
3 System Corporation – Apathy is Easy (Apathetic Remix by Southern Tribe)

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