Sun 26 May
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The Sublunar Society records published on March 8 the astonishing new single Showing My Face of Stockholm’s extraordinary duo ShapeShiftingAliens, addressed to all the fans of electronic music with a character and in a wider range of musical aesthetics! SSA consists of two of electronic music’s gentlemen, two artists very adept in their crafts as they were both involved in numerous projects in their individual careers so far, and who now create the music and the unusual, eccentric videos together as a team.

Johan Cleve, the singer, has been a producer and composer, live musician and studio musician (guitar) for artists and film. He has also toured and performed for several years. Niklas Rundquist, on the other hand, has composed music for films, documentaries and commercials in the past, has also created music for Cirkus Cirkör, Iodine Jupiter, and various artists on the London scene (at the beginning of the 90s), and once again is a part of The Leather Nun (on violin) and stands behind Brainshadow too. These two prolific entities put together all of the experiences and skills they hold, poured some artistic freestyle craze, and aimed to the sky and the stars.

What ShapeShiftingAliens offers is an often grotesque motion of sophisticated and advanced vocal electronic music where they “unblushingly” include their likes on NIN, Tin Machine, Eno, and Moby too, yup! They don’t fool or showing off to the listener in no case, their unique music is based on entertaining through high-quality musical aspects, large or minimal arrangements, with funny and tricky songs to enjoy and dance to. As for their videos…watch Showing My Face from the latest S/T album to experience better their art and to ameliorate!

Written by Mike D.

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