Thu 21 Mar
The Record Stache

Montreal’s electronic duo synthwave chameleons Gold Zebra self-released a new rediscovered song from 2011, Leaving the City, on March 19. The song was incomplete during their first album’s recordings so they decided to put it in the closet and seven years later they recorded it all over in February and here it is! JP and Julie make quite cinematic music which is based on electronics while they constantly look up to synthetic forms, synthpop and actual synthwave songs of a certain musical and sonic value.

A hint here for you; In June 2016 they published Un Amour D’ete LP which the original soundtrack to a movie on their catalog of releases. GZ offers artistic music and they never forget their likes in grooving, sometimes dark, sometimes retrospect, always mounted on serious sound and arrangements.

The new song (from the past) is a seductive blow of synths with the always characteristic vocals of Julie’s and in the middle of it, the whole narrative expands into a disco-noir groove where personally I couldn’t resist to its call out of my seat. The band says that they may consider putting it on the new album and in my thoughts “you won’t ignore that song, guys” came the obvious, it is now out as a single, it won’t disappear again! So, check this magnificent band from Canada and think what gems these artists may also hide in their files…

Written by: Mike D.

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