Mon 21 Jan
The Record Stache

Written by: Jen Dan

In celebration of their stunning new release, the full-length entitled The Future of Lovers, The Record Stache asked vocalist Blanka Inauen of Swiss avant-pop act Len Sander to choose three of her favorite songs from the album and to tell us what they mean to her and what it took to write them. The Future of Lovers was just released last week by Switzerland’s powerhouse boutique label Mouthwatering Records. It’s the band’s second record and a very apt musical meditation on what it means to be a lover in these peculiar and tumultuous times. 

Woman On The Run

“Quite early in the songwriting process we knew that this would be the song that we would release as a single. When we planned the video though, we had absolutely no idea about how this song should look like visually. But then everything came together really fast. Within two weeks we had put together a whole cast and crew and written down some ideas on the scenery. On the day of the shooting, the actors and the whole dynamic on the set was so incredible that within a few hours we not only had the material for our video, but also really strong images that – combined with the lyrics – produced completely new and quite surprising layers of meaning for this song. I love it when you let something go that you made and then it starts its own life.”  

The Life Of The Body

“This track is rather a manifest than a song. The year before we started writing the songs for this album, I had these recurring, but very vague thoughts. Mainly they were about how our most personal feelings and thoughts, our love relationships as well as our bodies, are influenced and defined by our social environment. I felt a need to condense these thoughts and write them down. So there I had this text and this was the basis for this track. Funnily, and also understandingly, among the band this track is kind of controversial, as one person really hates it and can barely listen to it, while the others are touched by it every time they hear it.” 

Now That I Burn

“This song has so many different elements, I still don’t understand how we were able to put them all together in one song. It’s a completely exaggerated, almost absurd survival song. And in every sound and every word lies this kind of triumphant brokenness and strength. I think it’s one of the songs where, coincidentally, form and content correspond almost perfectly.” 

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