Mon 21 Jan
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We don’t hear very much from artists based in Missouri, but today is special – we introduce you to Kudzu . Hailing from Springfield, this duo of Seth Goodwin (vocals, synth, and drum programming) and Mark Gillenwaters (vocals and guitar) release their new album ‘Defeated’ through Push & Pull Records on March 2nd. 

‘Defeated’ was recorded by Adam Schoeller and Jonathan James at No Coast Recording, and mixed by the latter, with Shay Rainey creating the cover artwork. The nine tracks on offer in the long-play came to fruition after the duo reached a melting point over mounting disappointments and frustrations with increasingly frustrating and disappointing realities. It’s ironic given this fact that Kudzu delivers a cheerful synth pop that is both psychedelic and biting.

With the band’s sound and stylings tastefully spanning a range that many bands would envy, Kudzu goes down smooth like a cocktail of PiL, Revenge-era Ministry, Foals and Section 25. With each dose I dish myself of this sonic goodness, I know that the next will be very different, yet just as good.

Influenced by bands such as Tears For Fears, The Cure, Spectrum, Guided by Voices, Sympathy Nervous, and This Heat, they’ve managed to concoct a sound original from any of them. 

“A lot of these songs come from a place of disenchantment with punk and “diy” scenes i’ve dedicated too much time to and the resulting dissociation as i’ve continued to have involvement in those scenes,” says Seth Goodwin. “A documentation of a transitional period that im sure a lot of people feel as they start to feel parts of them age out from this type of lifestyle but dont know how to do anything else.”

Mark Gillenwaters describes how the two of them came to make music together. “Seth and I went to High School together but never really hung out much til after we both graduated. We were living in a college town and not really taking college seriously so we drank a lot and played music.  Seth was actually pretty good at keys and i was pretty bad at guitar but wanted to be bad at drums too so i asked Seth if i could play drums on some of his songs. We added a guitarist, Jon larson and a bassist, Geoff Green and had a lot of fun for a long time. Eventually Jon and Geoff moved on with their lives and we found ourselves having to rework everything.  I switched to guitar, Seth programed drums and bass while playing synth.  We’ve worked on this incarnation of Kudzu almost two years now and it’s been a lot of fun.”

‘Defeated’ is available digitally and on cassette, with the first batch a small 50-copy limited edition on high quality chrome cassette, which can be obtained via Kudzu’s Bandcamp.

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