Fri 19 Oct
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Len Sander is a unique five-piece electro-pop outfit based in Zürich, Switzerland. The act’s special ability is to reconcile something very direct and accessible (and also addictive) with a sophistication and a touch of the sublime.

Technically, Len Sander’s members write pop music, yet there is so much more going on here, especially lyrically (their music, of course, is also very layered). Len Sander’s songs, once decrypted, are very insightful, deep meditations on the complexities of human relationships and what it really means to be alive at this point in history.

Len Sander’s forthcoming full-length record titled The Future of Lovers will be released in the first quarter of 2018, on Mouthwatering Records.

In light of their most recent release, the video to the single Woman on the Run, vocalist/songwriter Blanka Inaunen took some time to give a short interview. Here is what’s been going through her mind:

Hello Blanka!  So, are you also a woman on the run? 

Oh, I think that we’re all constantly oscillating between our longing for freedom and our need for connection, between leaving and arriving, between tearing things down and building things up. So yes, sometimes, I am a woman on the run, and then the next day not anymore. 

Tell us a bit about this new single. What does it mean to you, and would you say that this a good intro for the upcoming full length?

I think this song is very clear and on point; it’s kind of compact, while the album goes in very different directions, from very harmonious and catchy to quite experimental and strange. So it is a good intro to a universe that will open up even more when you listen to the whole record. 

Your new video is so wild. It looks like it took a lot of effort to make it. Were you guys heavily involved in the concept and the production?

Thank you! Oh yes, it was a lot of work. But we did it in a really short time actually, putting all the energy that we had at that moment into this. The incredible thing about filming it was the many people that supported us and putting all their motivation and energy in it. I was especially stunned by the talent of the actors who are playing in the video. We just gave them some instructions about what we wanted to do and they completely took it from there; they improvised everything on the spot and left us speechless. 

How important is the visual output for a musician?

Very important. I think that the senses of seeing and hearing are very much interconnected and as musicians we want to use this connection to create a more intense experience of sound and vision together. 

Who’s the leading voice when it comes to the art direction? Being that you are a five-piece, I could imagine that democracy could get a bit messy.

We are very well organized, so we have smaller teams for everything. For the visual part we are a team of three: me, Al Hug (the producer), and Dennis Schärer, who is our guitarist. We are all very much into visual arts, so we love thinking about how our music needs to be represented visually and we all put a lot of time and energy in this. 

How did you write this new material for the upcoming album? Was everyone involved in that, or were there some principles?

Al Hug, the producer, and I wrote the songs for this album together. This time we wanted to do it a little bit differently than before, so we traveled to Berlin to work in a friend’s studio, where we could really start the songs from scratch and fully concentrate on developing them without the distractions of being in our home town of Zürich. 

In closing, what is the future of lovers? Or, for that matter, where are lovers now? 

In the future of lovers, the sense of touch will rule. We will celebrate materiality and form, as we will focus on fully feeling the inner life of our whole bodies. 

Written by: Jen Dan

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