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The Decrees Radiate Scottish Punk Pop Fusion on ‘Sons of Rage’

If there is anything Scottish music is known for, is it NOT being boring. For sure, I can name a good 20 bands from Caledonia whose output have left an indelible mark on the music scene.

Enter 2017, when Scotland’s The Decrees were releasing their first music output. A young vivacious band making infectious music with an uplifting vibe, they’ve just unveiled their video for their new single ‘Sons of Rage’. Comprised of two tracks, this is a double A-side (no one song out-rocks the other) – ‘West Sierra’ is also a sizzling tune and, in fact, the first one we heard from the band. We are happy to expand our list of rad Scottish bands to include The Decrees.

“The video was directed and produced by one of our good friends, and local director and photographer, Iain Duncan of Massive Miniature Media. He has an eye for a good shot, and definitely transposed that raw and untamed energy we express in our live performances, into the structured, yet ever wild, visual medium that is the ‘Sons of Rage’ music video,” says drummer Kieran Bell.

“We wanted the video to be vibrant, colourful and with a sprinkle of our own brand of wackiness. We wanted something that was unorthodox and unprecedented,” says bass guitarist Caitlin Petrie.

Hailing from the Kingdom of Fife, The Decrees make pop-punk, as it is called today. But I like to call it Celtic-flavored punk-rock. They succeed in blending different sub-genres of the rock genre together and their delivery is raw and full of simplistic tell-it-as-it-is easy-goingness with sonic flair.

photo by: Steve Gunn

About the new video, guitarist Callum Bell explains: “When sitting down with Iain to storyboard the music video, we felt that ‘Sons of Rage’, although having an almost politically themed title was more a happy-go-lucky song in its final musical form, and that he felt that would lend itself well to a music video containing a love story or at least the undercurrent of one. We liked that idea. The ‘Rave’ part of the music video was an idea forwarded by our frontman, Lewis Akers, and he was adamant on the idea of ‘a rave in the woods’. The rest of the band, and as well as Iain, felt a little hesitant at first but we went with it nonetheless, and it ended up working superbly!”

‘Sons of Rage’ was recorded by Michael Brennan, Jr. of The Substation (Mogwai, Snow Patrol, Super Furry Animals, Loop, Primal Scream) and mastered by Pete Maher (U2, The Pixies, Jack White, The Rolling Stones, Lana Del Rey).

The band was formed in early 2016. Their line up comprises of vocalist Lewis Akers, bassist Caitlin Petrie, guitarist Callum Bell and drummer Kieran Bell. Since their formation, The Decrees have become quite popular locally and are now becoming better known on the national scene. 

In April of this year, The Decrees released their debut four-track EP ‘Screams From Suburbia’, offering a musical account of the everyday experiences of the monotony of modernity. This release blends full-throttle rock music with catchy choruses and beats. 

photo by: Lewis Milne Photography

‘Sons of Rage’ was one of the first songs the band wrote after forming, retaining their trademark sound while weaving in an infectious Celtic rock melody. This beckons to the forgotten past, to the band’s Scottish roots, affectionately nestled in the band’s collective psyche.

Lewis Akers noted, “The reaction to the new single has been completely unexpected. It shocked us very much so, and in the first week alone we sold over 200 copy’s, which left us a little dazed but very excited that we were reaching a good sized audience, and then our single launch show was packed with people that came to see us, screaming our name and it was the best crowd we have ever played to. It was sensational. It was pure Rock n’ Roll!”

You can find The Decrees’ releases and support them via Bandcamp

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