Sun 16 Dec
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Clustersun Debuts New Track ‘Lonely Moon’ with Trippy Freefall

I think one of the first video delights I had about a human flyer can be credited to Pink Floyd ‘Learning to Fly’. But, here and there, I often get a kick out of them even today. The latest video from Italian shoegaze post-punk outfit Clustersun is for the track ‘Lonely Moon’, the second single from their sophomore album ‘Surfacing to Breathe’, which was released by Seahorse Recordings and earlier premiered via Rolling Stone Italia.  

After the sonic assault delivered with the first single ‘Raw Nerve’, in this track, the band presents a softer and dreamier atmosphere. ‘Lonely Moon’ is a dense and layered shoegaze/dreampop ballad, a scream for love between hope and despair, distance and regrets.

‘Lonely Moon’ is an impressive track – one of the true highlights of this album – highly melodic, full of energy and raw emotion and plenty of shoegaze drive. When it comes to melodicism, Italians do it best – the proof is in the pudding.

The visually impressive video, created by French videomaker Psyche Coaster, shows a man falling down into a futuristic scenario of urban devastation and obscurity, who then ultimately reaches a light of hope at the very end – all of this a powerful allegory depicting a person’s inner torment. 

Formed in 2013, Clustersun is Marco Chisari (vocals & bass), Mario Lo Faro (guitars), and Andrea Conti (drums). On this album, they were joined by a fourth member – Piergiorgio Campione (synthesizers, keyboards and backing vocals).

Three years after their debut album ‘Out Of Your Ego’, this Sicily-based outfit have raised the sonic bar, delivering a more complex and layered mixture of gazey reverberations, a massive walls of sound, psychedelic soundscapes and dreamy melodies.

Featuring eight tracks, ‘Surfacing to Breathe’ was produced by Clustersun and Alessio Pindinelli (La Casa Al Mare). Combining shoegaze, psychedelia, post-punk and dreampop, the band’s signature cosmic/spacey dark vibe is still intact with lyrics invoking a dreamlike sense of melancholy and emotional fragility.

“The sophomore album is a very tough step for every band, especially if it comes after a strong debut, as our ‘Out of Your Ego’ was,” says Marco Chisari. “We are so much happy and proud of how ‘Surfacing to Breathe’ came out, mainly because we’ve managed to capture how the band sounds live. 

These new offerings are influenced by shoegaze giants Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spiritualized, as well as Ringo Deathstarr, A Place To Bury Strangers, Cheatahs, Minor Victories, and Flyying Colours.

“This album is way fuzzier, more powerful, dynamic, edgy than the debut. Sounds were layered to build a dense, but articulated, sonic wall,” explains Mario Lo Faro. “Also we recorded the songs from ‘Surfacing to Breathe’ while we were touring so they retain that “live” vibe and power, while ‘Out of Your Ego’ had more ethereal and “light” tracks.

The band is widely considered to be one of the pillars of the shoegaze scene in Italy. Having been awarded the GLOBUS prize for Sicilian artistic excellence, Clustersun has established themselves as one of the most promising acts in the new international shoegaze scene. 

“Being cited alongside bands that we love and admire is great motivation to constantly push forward our limits,” Andrea Conti.

 The ‘Surfacing To Breathe’ LP released via Seahorse Recordings this summer and is now available on vinyl, CD and also digitally.

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