Wed 18 Jul
The Record Stache

Hello! As the drummer and main songwriter in 68creep. I’ve been asked to gather some of my favorite songs together under one common theme.

Whether these tracks sport mammoth guitar riffs or icy atmospheric synth melodies, to me the thing that shines through on all of them is the joy that these artists are all having “playing in the dark”.

That’s 68creep’s approach as well, keeping things dark and heavy, but also playing things that, to us, sound wonderfully weird, a little quirky and, of course, creepy. We try to remember that we are playing music as opposed to working music (as the saying goes). And whether it can be heard in our songs or not, we definitely keep tongue slightly in cheek.

So it was with that in mind that I put these songs together. I do think that “dark” music can get categorized as fitting into just one genre. Nothing could be further from the truth. And as testimony to that, I present to you my Playing in the Dark mix. 

~~~~ Patrick Casey (aka Catspacey) from 68creep

Holy Boy – 15 Billion Miles

Words won’t do justice to a voice like this. If I’m going to try, I’d say that Helene Alexandra Jæger on the synth-driven 15 Billion Miles sounds otherworldly. Yet she also sounds world-weary. And stoic, and vulnerable, and epic. No justice. No words. Just listen.


The Mystery Lights – What Happens When You Turn The Devil Down

So, you wanna know what happens? You end up with a killer, creepy tune that screams 60’s garage rock and wears its Seeds/? And The Mysterians influence on its sleeve. Definitely lives up to its wickedly fun title.


Fur Helmet – Lunar Tomb

Let’s hear it for singing drummers! Powered by an early Raveonettes type riff the retro that Fur Helmet assaults the listener with is definitely of the 70’s variety. It’s heavy, sludgy, psychedelic, and on Lunar Tomb, an upbeat burner.


Billy Bernhardt – From A Bottle’s Perspective

A heartbreaker of an acoustic track with rapid-fire stream of consciousness lyrics that would sound like a soothing lullaby, if it weren’t for the morbidity of its chilling chorus.


Anya Kaz – On A Roll

Having collaborated with 68creep on tracks such as Pet, and the as-yet-to-be-released Come Undone, Anya Kaz knows a good melody. Here she shows off her angsty and anguished vocals that are paired perfectly with a wicked, churning guitar. At barely two minutes, a short, but not so sweet, gem.


Darkwing – Dark Hunting

With this particular tune, these guys fit perfectly into today’s theme. Big, fat, sweet, fuzzy riffs are topped with a rich baritone vocal. With the track Dark Hunting, Darkwing delivers a Cramps-like aural treat. You’ll want seconds.


Weird Dream – Coats of Silver

From the first notes, this pretty and powerful soundscape wraps you in a comforting cocoon, surrounding you in Andrea Hendrickson’s shimmering reverberating vocals. The spirit of Elizabeth Fraiser haunts this track in the most welcome way.


LoveHoney – Devil Woman

Devil Woman is a brutal stomper from an overwhelming band. 68creep’s shared the bill with these guys and bore witness to the fact that they can shake the foundation of any venue with monster riffs and vocals that simultaneously powerful and sultry.


Leora Mandel – Havfruen

Wistful, playful, and full of life, while still maintaining an undercurrent of melancholy, this pretty piece of electronic dream pop is filled with quirky character. It’s a chameleon, with each play seeming to evoke a different emotion based on your mood while listening.


Twin Guns – Now I Understand

A bit of an obvious choice, since 68creep has been paired on a bill with fellow moody merchants Twin Guns in the past for what turned out to be a night swimming in mutual reverb. This tune’s big hooks, slinky bass, primal beat and haunting vocals display what the Guns do best.