Sat 23 Jun
The Record Stache

There is a certain romance and nostalgic warmth that comes over me when I put on a good jazz classic and just let myself be immersed in such talent and genuineness. Compared to the old school of jazz innovators, it is not so often that I experience this same feeling these days, despite the sheer mass of music that is currently on the market and the great number of artists who are literally trying to ‘push the envelope’.

However, today we have the pleasure of introducing you to one group – Labyrinth Lounge – who has hit all the right spots in the passage to that romance and warmth I just mentioned. In fact, we’ve got the premiere of their full album ‘Porgy’. Here we see that Labyrinth Lounge has woven a fine web fusing jazz with soul, pop and RnB. This is a web of the finest silk, suspending the listeners in a chamber of consciousness, conveying sonic goodness in its tissue.

Labyrinth Lounge is comprised of Valerie Troutt with her powerful deep vocals, Ambessa ‘the Articulate’ Cantave with clever rap vocals, Emanuel Ruffler on keyboards, John Ormond on bass, and Jaz Sawyer on drums. Maya Kronfeld also guests on this album on piano for the track ‘Storytime’.

Originating in New York in the late nineties, the band was reformed in 2016 – members are divided between Brooklyn, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. ‘Porgy’ came about LP as the result of a series of recording sessions in Richmond, California at the Bird and Egg Studio, hot on the vibe of their concert at Oakland’s Studio Grand. Recorded by Nino Moschella, this album was mixed by Rashaan Carter and Emanuel Ruffler at Rufftone Studios, and mastered by Kevin Blackle.

The second single ‘It’s Just Water’ just premiered via Britain’s cutting-edge Louder Than War Magazine on the trail of the first single ‘Trouble Won’t Last’. This is “a funky soulful laid-back approach to Trump’s America. It’s what our grandmothers said when life gave them lemons. It’s a reminder to keep pushing against all odds until you see the outcome you desire,” says Valerie Troutt

“The song deals with the division of the spiritual and material life… And how we often have to make an effort to not be limited or controlled by our material environment,” explains Emanuel Ruffler.

“It’s Just Water is about several things, as water plays many different roles daily to each one of us,” explains Valerie Troutt. “The song talks about creating a clearer understanding of what is troubling you. Acknowledge the water, it’s just water. It will eventually pass by, but can’t you feel it deep within? Basically acknowledge that which is moving you to become a better human and stand against your doubt and fear. It’s time to ‘tell The people that it’s time to stand up and be strong’.”

Set for release on September 8 through New York-based Rufftone Records, ‘Porgy’ can already be ordered through Labyrinth Lounge’s Bandcamp and by doing so, they will immediately be able to see your love and support.


1. Trouble Won’t Last
2. It’s Just Water
3. I Loves You Porgy
4.  We Be Rockin’
5.  Story time
6.  Displacement

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