Thu 19 Apr
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VIDEO OF THE DAY: A Shoreline Dream – The Heart Never Recovered

Our Video of the Day today is from The Silent Sunrise, the latest full LP from alt-rockers A Shoreline Dream. Originating from Barnum, Colorado, the birthing grounds of P.T. Barnum’s circus empire, their music has apparently soaked up some of this atmosphere. In this track, they’ve got elements of the mystical with what you could call “progressive shoegaze”.

Over the past decade or so, A Shoreline Dream have released music under their own label Latenight Weeknight Records, including music composed with such legendary artists as Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Kramer (Low / Joy Zipper / Galaxie 500). We already knew this bit and assume it’s already common knowledge for fans of the band too.

For those that dig perhaps insignificant band trivia, we can cite three tidbits. First, the band landed distribution by super rad UK indie label Rocket Girl Records for a song written while visiting Ulrich Schnauss in Leytonstone. I guess this was a while back, but we love this kind of stuff. Digging through a band’s history can be so much fun when marked with all kinds of goodies, like is the case with A Shoreline Dream.

Second tidbit: they remixed Engineers for progressive label gods K-Scope

Third tidbit and perhaps the most interesting (for me personally): A Shoreline Dream is the very last band to play live with shoegaze legends Chapterhouse in San Francisco on their 2010 reunion tour. Wow. Like the very last. Please reform Chapterhouse. Please please please.

A Shoreline Dream are currently working on their new album, slated for release later this year. The band has decided to leak the album over the course of it’s production so we can follow its development in real time and be part of the process of it’s growth, so to speak. Looking forward in any case.

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