Sat 24 Aug
The Record Stache

Los Árboles – Nobody Cares About Your Good Intentions EP

So Los Árboles messaged me on Facebook letting me know that he finally released his debut, solo EP. My first thought was, “He’s just now releasing his first solo project?” I’ve been posting his music for a couple of years now, so I just assumed an EP had to of been released by now. Los Árboles did have that collaboration project with Alex Autajon. Maybe that’s what I’m thinking about.

Anyway, Nobody Cares About Your Good Intentions is Los Árboles’ first official collection of original tracks, and it is top notch my friends. The producer’s style has slightly varied and continually excelled since I first heard his music, but this EP puts Los Árboles on a whole new level. The talent was always there buried in remixes and reworked tracks, but he really shines on this three track album.

In order, the track titles make up the name of the EP. Pretty clever. The project itself is a nice, eclectic mix of deep house grooves, laid back beats, and spacey atmospheres. Where the first two tracks, Nobody Cares and About You, are mainly instrumental tracks, the big standout here is Good Intentions featuring vocalist Francisco Puente. We’ve never really heard Los Árboles’ music with some vocals layered over the instrumentals, and it’s great to hear his ambient production sounding so smooth behind the soulful voice of Puente. Really hoping to hear these two work together again in the future.

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