Sat 24 Aug
The Record Stache

Halsey – Hurricane

So I’ve been slacking, because this new Halsey single released almost a week ago and I missed out on it. Following songs like Ghost and New Americana, Hurricane has its own distinct sound yet fits in nicely along with the previously mentioned tracks.

Halsey’s style is completely drenched in contemporary youth culture which makes her music so universally appealing. Listening to one of her songs is like scrolling through a random Tumblr feed. You never know what’s going to roll past your screen next. There’s just layers upon layers of influences and styles mixed into the sound, and the range of the lyrics are equally impressive. Don’t even get me started on the hooks. That’s the real seller.

It didn’t take long for labels to take notice of Halsey’s talent. She’s recently signed on to Astralwerks/Capitol, which also comes with news of an upcoming EP, Room 93. We’ll have to wait until the end of the month to hear the full project (October 28), but I know Hurricane will definitely do a fine job of holding us over.

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