Sat 24 Aug
The Record Stache

The Sweet Five #97/#98

The-Sweet-Five9798Curated by Stephen

If you’re sitting at your desk, at home – wherever and you need a pick me up – The Sweet Five is your hit. Whether you’re into the hippest of hops, or the indie-ist of rocks – The Sweet Five has music that will make your Grandma feel good about herself. The Sweetest Five tracks of the week are below!

The Killers – Fancy (Iggy Azalea cover)

Never in my lifetime, I would imagine The Killers to cover this song. I have seen The Killers live, they were awesome – but it would be awesome to hear this. A snippet of the action below.

Ben Howard – I Forgot Where We Were

Ben Howard is an artist that doesn’t get nearly enough appreciation as he deserves. He has a fantastic voice, and a true established artist!

Say Yes – Sunrise

Say Yes have just released their EP! Exciting news! Check them out on Facebook to get all the details. Say Yes has an appeal to me instantly, with some Alexisonfire ties, but this song right here is nothing like AOF – and luckily so. A great indie rock band with a great sound.

The Twilight Sad – Another Bed

This song goes back a couple of years ago.The second single from their third studio album. Another Bed kicks with some electro rock and backed up with some silky vocals to match their sound. Delightful!

Freelance Whales – Hyde

NEW FREELANCE WHALES!!! EVERYONE TRY NOT TO FREAK OUT AT ONCE. Perhaps the most peaceful band on Earth, new material always makes me happy – and then sends me in to a two-week frenzy of only listening to Freelance Whales songs. Hyde is such a cool jam man!

Beach Slang – Filthy Luck

Beach Slang are pretty unknown, but they have a great rock sound. Sorta alternative summer rock, along the lines of Buffalo Tom I would say. Filthy Luck is a short, edgy rock song with all the elements needed to produce a good song!

Lucy Hale – Lie A Little Better

I would say we all know Lucy Hale’s face, as she is a hit actress, but I wasn’t aware of her singing prowess. A pretty face and a wonderful country voice. A bit of a sweet song for you all.

Klingande – Jubel

Before you ask, no I do not know how to pronounce Klingande, but yes – they are a band worth listening to. With over 56 Million views for this track on Youtube, they are obviously doing something right. That something, is this soulful track. A feel good song.

Becky G – Shower

Despite the whopping gap between her two front teeth – she can sing, and she will be marketed because of her pretty face. Make this your guilty pleasure okay?

Robin Sparkles – Let’s Go To The Mall

Come on Jessica, come on Tory! Okay, I love this song. I love How I Met Your Mother, and who cares if the finale was a let down, this was a great TV series. Robin Sparkles is a Canadian ICON!