Sat 24 Aug
The Record Stache

The Sweet Five #95 / #96

The-Sweet-Five-9596 Curated by Stephen

If you’re sitting at your desk, at home – wherever and you need a pick me up – The Sweet Five is your hit. Whether you’re into the hippest of hops, or the indie-ist of rocks – The Sweet Five has music that will make your Grandma feel good about herself. The Sweetest Five tracks of the week are below!

MØ – Walk This Way

So MØ is from Denmark, pronounced ‘moo’ but she’s now cow, man. Walk This Way is a super catchy jam that is taking Europe by storm at the moment, and the charm in her videos – it’s not hard to see why.

Owl John – Red Hand

Just over 24 hours ago, this video was released, so you got something FRESH this week! Feels good huh? For those who don’t know, Owl John is the side project of Frightened Rabbit’s guitarist Scott Hutchison. Frightened Rabbit are a quality act with a new album on the way too. For the mean time, enjoy this video!

Wardell – Dancing On The Freeway

Wardell, a duo I know not much about – but take on their awesome style of music in a heartbeat. A soft, sweet approach to music which is very enjoyable.

Charlie Simpson – Haunted

Charlie Simpson is an incredibly talented artist (much like everyone else on this blog) I guess you would call his tunes a country and indiepop cross. Whatever you want to call it, it just works. His soft, dreamboat vocals open up your soul, and the chorus melts you away. A wonderful song.

Arkells – Come To Light

I’ve been a bit out of the Arkells loop, the last album I have is their 2008 release Jackson Square – to which I had many memorable favourites. Their album new album has just been released, and this single Come To Light sounds like a bit of a new direction for the band, but still have that vintage Arkells sound.

SALES – Renee

When simplicity is your style, chances are I will fall for you. This track right here is simple, and it is incredible. I can’t stop listening to this. A sweet voice with a charming chorus. Absolutely delightful.

Prides – I Should Know You Better

Prides blew me away with their debut track ‘Messiah’ and this one comes pretty close too. Prides have such a great sound. Really excited to hear what their album will have on it, released at the end of September. Prides are a band to keep in mind!

Amara Fleur X Flying Peanut – Let Me Have You

A hypnotic beat to start this track, followed by delightful and impressive vocals. This is such a dope song that should have way more publicity than it currently has. Two artists fairly unknown, making music that could top the charts. I really feel this track.

STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Again

Had a friend post this song up on Facebook today. Inquisitively clicked, and thankfully I did. This is a fresh to death song. Really good lyrics, a top beat. Ignore the pun, but I want to listen to this again!

Jamie McDell – Dumb

This video clip is HOT! And the single is only two weeks old. Jamie McDell is super cute, she’s gorgeous, and she she sings about things we can all relate about. It’s nice to hear the passion in her music coming through. McDell is so talented!