Sat 24 Aug
The Record Stache

Premiere: Work Drugs – Runaways

I’m excited to premiere Work Drugs’ new single, Runaways. It’s a warm, laid back track that comes accompanied by an all too perfect video. Not only do the visuals perfectly fit the theme of Runaways, but they feature a montage of clips from the greatest product endorsement film of all time – The Wizard. You know, the one where Fred Savage and crew hitch-hike their way to a Nintendo tourney at Universal Studios. Pretty appropriate choice considering that Work Drugs themselves will also be traveling to “Califorrrnia… (whispered ever so softly)” this week to finish up their summer tour.

Runaways, which also happens to be the title track of Work Drugs’ new album due out October 7th, is ultra airy and super nostalgic. It’s a nice nod to the band’s chillwave past, featuring hazy vocals, but still incorporates much of their newer energy. The song manages to have an anthemic, sing-a-long quality to it thanks to a solid chorus that’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head, which makes Runaways a pretty unique single, considering how washed out it is. Yeah… on a scale of 1 to getting your first kiss from the singer of Rilo Kiley (look it up), I’d rate this song equal to beating Lucas in all 97 of his games. *results may vary with PowerGlove

If you’re in California, free up your schedule to go see Work Drugs at one of the following locations. And while it’s fresh on your mind, go ahead and preorder the band’s upcoming album Runaways – HERE.

August 28 – U31 – San Diego, CA
August 29 – Bootleg HiFi – Los Angeles, CA
August 30 – Neck of the Woods – San Francisco, CA

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