Sat 24 Aug
The Record Stache

Drull – Sun & Soil

Wow. This is completely unexpected coming from Drull. Sun & Soil showcases the production duo with an approach that’s completely new to their canon of work, yet it amazingly fits right in with everything that they’ve been releasing over the past couple of years.

The delicate piece of ambient guitar may come off sounding like a major departure from the producers’ recent releases, like hip-hop focused Insecure or the synth pop polish of Persona, but in the details of Sun & Soil is where Drull proves that they haven’t really left their former style for good. Ever since I first heard their early instrumental albums which were heavy on electronica and industrial influences, I’ve been praising the duo for their use of texture and layers. They have a gift for creating wide open soundscapes that you can easily find yourself lost within.

I love how Sun & Soil slowly opens up into something so ethereal. As the song progresses, slight background elements are slowly introduced, adding to the overall mood. Never taking attention away from the guitar, though. Somewhere near the 2:15 mark, Drull takes you to a completely new space that’s so vast and filled with so many possibilities teasing which direction the sound might shift to. Tease is the important word, however. Rather than letting us soar, Drull gently brings us back to reality allowing the guitar that first introduced us to the song to fade out. If I had to guess, I’d say this is just a small preview of a bigger journey that Drull has planned for us.

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