Sat 21 Sep
The Record Stache

CHPLN – Jetstream Lover

If you’ve got a smooth synth pop track floating around that I haven’t heard, you better send that on over because I’m a sucker for the neon glow of synthesizer patters. Good thing CHPLN did just that, because their newest track Jetstream Lover is a jam! These guys hit me up on the most uncluttered, easiest to get access to me method out there. They skipped the bottomless pit of my email’s inbox, and were courteous enough to not spam their song on The Record Stache’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Where did these geniuses reach me? Soundcloud message box. Nicely done.

On to the music. As I mentioned previously, Jetstream Lover is some sweet, sweet retro inspired synth pop. It’s got that perfect setting that’s emotional and moody, yet ultra polished and sexy. Plus, that use of guitar throughout adds some mystery and tension. What really sets this song over the top is the vocals. They lean more toward the realm of R&B than what you’d usually expect with this sort of backdrop, but CHPLN makes it work so well. I’ll definitely be enjoying this one for a while. Hoping we get a full project from these guys soon.

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