Tue 16 Jul
The Record Stache

The Sweet Five #93/#94

Curated by Stephen

If you’re sitting at your desk, at home – wherever and you need a pick me up – The Sweet Five is your hit. Whether you’re into the hippest of hops, or the indie-ist of rocks – The Sweet Five has music that will make your Grandma feel good about herself. The Sweetest Five tracks of the week are below!

SplitScreens – Stand Alone

What a pleasant surprise, this track has got me in a spin. An instant sound of Bon Iver, but man oh man, there’s an element of folk funk (that’s what I am calling it) to this track that makes it stand out and deliver for me. Their LP is being released in September, so keep an ear out for SplitScreens.

Nana Grizol – Tacoma Centre

I have not much knowledge for Nana Grizol, but they have such a cool style. Very similar to early Attack In Black. Tacoma Centre is one of my faves.

Talons’ – Collecting Things

What a moving song this is. Maybe it’s just the video clip of old footage, but whenever I hear this song I think about a lot of things I should have done differently when I was younger. Hmmmmm. I love the peacefulness of the intro, and just how this song is wonderful.

Lykke Li – No Rest For The Wicked

No Rest For The Wicked is a very cool song indeed, from her 2014 release ‘I Never Learn’ proving that she actually does learn. Learn to be an incredible, influential artist. A powerful anthem this one. The chorus absolutely blows me away.

Priory – Weekend

Heard this song just last week, and was instantly attracted to it. A bit of soul, a bit of energy with a simple message. Gotta love it!

WZRDKID – Hitchhiker’s Galaxy

This tracks kicks off with plenty of atmosphere. This young Australian artist is relatively unheard of, but man – he got GAME! Hitchhiker’s Galaxy is such a good song. Got that relax vibes with his jam. Could listen to this all day.

Wildcat! Wildcat! – Holloway (Hey, Love)

You know how you have that one mate that hooks you up with the freshest tracks? Yeah, I got myself one of those – his name is Jarrod and he hooked me up with this track. Feel is so much. This electro indie group are making waves in my heart.

Fences featuring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Arrows

This is a BRAND NEW SONG! Fences must have some talent, if he’s able to collaborate with Macklemore And Ryan Lewis. Arrows is such a damn cool song, I think it is my new favourite!

Jake Bugg – Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover)

I’ve been highly critical of Jake Bugg in the past. Not exactly a fan of any of the music he’s produced thus far. However, I am an Imagine Dragons fan, and I thought his cover of this was unique, and only portrayed in a style that Bugg could pull off. Interesting!

Banks – Beggin For Thread

Banks is a very interesting artist. Her music isn’t exactly mainstream, but it’s not exactly indie either. Just listen to this song Beggin For Thread, and you can make up your own mind. A little bit of a guilty pleasure for me.