Tue 16 Jul
The Record Stache

Premiere: Neo-Safari – Electric Feel (MGMT x Henry Green Rework)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard MGMT’s massive hit, Electric Feel. It’s pretty awesome that the song has continued to stay so relevant, considering that it came out almost 8 years ago in the fall of 2007. That might as well be 80 years since music is so quick to come and go on the internet. People are still recording covers of Electric Feel, and producers are still remixing the track.

Neo-Safari went a step beyond the typical remix. The producer remixed a remix of a cover of Electric Feel. Hopefully that makes sense. There’s so much separation here, that the song sounds completely new and fresh. The spirit of MGMT’s psychedelic original still remains in tact, but the track is now entirely Neo-Safari’s. He injects the song with a heavy amount of hazy atmosphere and spacey texture, and fills it all with plenty of distortion and chilled out vibes. The outcome is a completely relaxing experience. You should listen to this one poolside with a cocktail in hand.

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