Sat 21 Sep
The Record Stache


vlurhGrab your headphones. You’re going to need them for this one, because xSDTRK is back with a new song. I’ve really been looking forward to the impending release of the producer’s debut Canvas EP, and the release of VLURH brings us even closer to hearing the full project.

You haven’t heard xSDTRK? Maybe you have. He’s been ghost writing and producing for some time now, and it’s all been building up to unveiling of his solo work. During┬áthis time spent behind the scenes, the producer has worked on his craft, creating a signature style of his own, utilizing delicate details and textures. The result is sometimes a little unsettling and hair-raising (in the best way possible). So far, we’ve been exposed to brilliant tracks like Chaos, SVCRETHE, and Powder.

Layers are xSDTRK’s best friend. He stacks sounds so deep, that it’ll take a countless amount of listens to catch all of the little subtleties placed throughout his instrumentals. xSDTRK has a rare ability to immerse the listener completely within his soundscape. Listening to his music is a highly visual experience thanks to moody atmospheres and expansive, sometimes chilling, themes. The choice of vocalists always add to the tension of each individual track that xSDTRK makes. VLURH is no exception thanks to the haunting┬ávoice of Catey Shaw. The Canvas EP is set to release sometime in early July. Be on the lookout for it.

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