Sat 21 Sep
The Record Stache

Wildcat! Wildcat! – Hero

no moon at all heroThis morning, I was hanging around in the coffee shop waiting for the barista to finish up my┬áscience experiment coffee otherwise known as a syphon brew and Wildcat! Wildcat! was playing overhead. It was their track The Chief to be exact. As I was nodding my head along to “Get up. Stand up. Get up. Stand up. Follow.” I wondered when the band would release some new music. Stars aligned and like some sort of distant, West Coast mind readers, Wildcat! Wildcat! made my wish come true and released this new single, Hero.

The band is back with another one of their signature, indie pop anthems. These guys possess such a powerful, uplifting sound that immediately draws in a listener. Seriously, I haven’t come across a single person who hasn’t liked Wildcat! Wildcat! after I’ve introduced┬áthem to a song or two. It looks like the good tunes are going to continue, because the band’s debut album, No Moon At All, is set to release on August 5th through Downtown Records. Until then, keep Hero on repeat.

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