Sat 21 Sep
The Record Stache

Shaun Frank Is Giving Me Chills With His Latest Remix

shaun frank remixShaun Frank has been on fire with his recent string of remixes, and he doesn’t let up with his first release under Trice Recordings. Now, I’ve never even heard of Down With Webster until today, but this rework definitely has me curious of what the original version of Chills sounds like. I say this because Shaun Frank’s take on the song doesn’t even sound like a remix. This seriously feels like it should be an original track.

This is the high energy, progressive house that I’ve been wanting to hear out of Shaun Frank. Every release leading up to this has shown a lot of talent and potential, but I always figured that there was a level that he was striving for, but couldn’t quite reach it yet. This is that song! The remix of Chills is bursting with energy, but Shaun has made this one much more radio ready, compared to his usual club covers. There are none of the crazy build-ups or bass drops that progressive house is typically known for. This is just a fun track that everyone can dance to.

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