Sat 21 Sep
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Room8 – Visions Of You EP

room8 visionsI’m super late on getting this posted, but better late than never I suppose. The funny thing is that I’ve been regularly listening to Room8’s new Visions of You EP since it released, because it’s super good. I’ve just been too forgetful lately to get the project posted up on the site.

First off, Room8 is essential is you’re a fan of the retro, synth pop revival. You need proof? They’ve got Electric Youth on the new EP! Electric Youth doesn’t just walk around handing out Bronwyn’s dreamy, nostalgic vocals to just any random producers on the street. You’ve got to be serious with your synth patterns and neon atmospheres to get an Electric Youth feature. So yeah, Room8 got Electric Youth on the Visions of You single. That’s how you know their good.

Okay. So maybe I haven’t completely won you over yet. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself that Room8 only comes off sounding legit because Electric Youth threw them a favor. I applaud you for being a thinker. Don’t just take my word for it. That’s why the duo included the instrumental track Geo with the project. This is where Room8 shines. Geo is a real piece of neo noir bursting with texture. Just close your eyes and let your mind soar.

The icing on the cake are the two bonus remixes that come with the Visions of You EP. Room8 managed to pull in Plastic Plates and Miami Nights of 1984 to lend their talents to the single. Those are some big names in the world synth pop. Electric Youth, Plastic Plates, and Miami Nights of 1984 all of the same project… yeah Room8 is going places. With or without the featured artists and producers, the duo’s work shines on its own. I can’t wait to hear what a full length album from these guys sounds like.

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