Sat 21 Sep
The Record Stache

Phil Nash – Still Waiting (I Really Hate My Job)

Ever since Phil Nash released his Jayphilla mixtape back in 2010, I’ve had a strong connection to his music. First off, it was my first major exposure to Jay Dilla’s music (I know. I know.). Dilla’s production caught my ears, and Phil Nash’s lyrics caught my soul. His lyrics speak to me. I don’t know how else to explain it.

Not long ago, there was a point in my life where I would alternate listening to Still Waiting… and Just Feel Me at least once on a daily basis (Especially Just Feel Me. iTunes shows that it’s been played 421 times.). It was like my life at the moment matched exactly what Phil was talking about in his lyrics. After high school, I spent 4 years waiting tables then switched to delivering pizzas for three years because I could drive around and listen to music. This was all while I was in college. However, still being there two years after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, it quickly turned into a depressing time. It’s even worse when your coworkers joke around about how you’ll never find another job.

Money was little, and debt was rising. Nobody wants to hire a kid with a joke of a degree in communications specializing in television in film. I was even working for free full time on the side trying to build my resume. I started The Record Stache, because every job interview that I went to asked if I had a blog. Days were spent juggling three different types of work nonstop until 4 or 5am (Edit video. Blog. Deliver pizza. Repeat.). I was so stressed that I developed a chronic eye twitch. Every shift while I was delivering, one of the previously mentioned tracks off of Jayphilla would play and ease my mind. I related to the words. They inspired me to keep my head up.

One year later, and I still can’t believe that I’m out of that situation. All of that work paid off.

I’m mainly just using the new release of the Still Waiting video as an excuse to write a feature on Phil Nash. The guy really hasn’t gotten the proper exposure that he deserves. He’s an unbelievable talent, and a gifted lyricist. When it comes to the Jayphilla mixtape, Phil treats Dilla’s production with the upmost respect. The outcome of the project sounds as if these instrumentals were tailor made just for him. Enjoy the visuals above, and if you haven’t heard Jayphilla, please stream it below. I hope that it resonates with someone else out there, and helps them out through a tough time like it once did for me.

At the end of Just Feel Me Phil says “This is the realist shit I ever wrote.”

This is the realest post I ever wrote.

Note: I realize that my situation could have been much worse than it was. Compared to a lot of people in the world, I’m sure I come off as just whining about petty things. Even writing this post I was thinking to myself that things really don’t seem that bad. Delivering pizza is a career for many people, and depending on where you live and which company you work for, you can make a decent wage between tips and salary (I didn’t). I just wanted to tell my story and the emotions that I was feeling at the time. It’s like So Far Gone era Drake – “I just want to be successful.”

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