Sat 21 Sep
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Pepa Knight – Clams

pepa knight clamsI love me some Jinja Safari. Heck, their music somewhat inspired the tagline for The Record Stache (Music for the adventurer in you). My obsession with the band’s music also includes any side projects that any of the members happen to be a part of.

Pepa Knight is one of the two founding members of Jinja Safari. Although I’m a little saddened that a solo effort from Pepa delays a new Jinja Safari project, I certainly can’t complain about the quality material that he’s been putting out. First off was his single Rahh! that first caught my attention. I didn’t get a chance to blog about it, so I definitely won’t miss the opportunity to post his new track, Clams.

Pepa Knight’s sound isn’t too much of a departure from Jinja Safari’s signature tribal sounds, but this still sounds completely original. The solo material utilizes more world sounds. Clams is a truly eclectic piece of indie pop. It has a wonderful sense of exploration and real call to action to get out and do something meaningful. “What are you living for?” Listening gives you a real feeling of inspiration.

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Haven’t heard Rahh! yet? Check it out!

And a worthy cover of Peter Gabriel’s Downside Up that tops everything you’ll hear on the …And I’ll Scratch Yours compilation album. That’s a bold statement coming from me. Mr. Gabriel is my musical idol.