Mon 13 Jul
The Record Stache

Irregular Expression – Setsuko


I have absolutely no backstory or info to share with you about Irregular Expression. Aside from that the producer is based out of San Diego. The music, though. The music is a story of its own.

Setsuko is Irregular Expression’s latest release, and my first experience hearing the artist’s work. The production is absolutely beautiful. A simple, backing drum pattern allows the collection of instruments to float along with the beat. As the track progresses, the mood gradually evolves. What begins with the use of flutes, strings, and sounds of nature at some point becomes replaced with bolder percussion and a gorgeous piano.

Irregular Expression may be the greatest producer you’ve never heard. Since having Setsuko on heavy repeat, I’ve made my way to exploring the rest of Irregular Expression’s Soundcloud page. A track like notes… is driven by a ’40s era, big band sample paired with some perfectly layered space feedback.

There’s also a song titled Roses that plays out like a chilling daydream. An overly sweet sample of “roses and lollipops, and lollipops and roses” almost comes across as sinister while a drum track unevenly shakes your eardrums. Head-nodding is guaranteed.

I have no idea what Irregular Expression has planned for future releases. I can only hope that a full length project of some sort is in the works. As I hear more, I’ll definitely share it here.

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